Ofuro Bathtubs Cleanses the Body And Calms the Spirit

The word ofuro is synonymous with private relaxation space in the Japanese language. So, it is not surprising that some manufacturers have adopted this term to identify with how their bathtubs can have a revitalizing effect on your body. An investment in ofuro bathtubs is an investment in making you feel purified and comforted in mind, body, and spirit. The hot water in these bathtubs also will help to improve your circulation. Ofuro bathtubs cannot be compared to regular bathtubs. One stand out feature is the neat, digital control panel that appears to be installed seamlessly in the bathroom. This control panel is used to set the water temperature, indicate the water flow, and control the amount of water that goes into the tub. You can also set it to automatically warm up for your morning bath.

Features of Ofuro Bathtubs

There are many features that you will find on ofuro bathtubs that will add to your bathing experience. The spiritual aspect targets the areas in the body that causes stress, tension, and other unhealthy conditions. There is a seat inside the tub and handles that make getting in and out of ofuro bathtubs much easier. In the Japanese tradition, ofuro bathtubs are used by every member of the family without changing the water as the upcoming tankless toilet saves a lot of water. Hygiene is not an issue because each person showers before getting into the bathtub. Before you frown at this tradition, think of the energy that is being conserved by not changing the water between users. Also, these tubs are spacious and deep, taking up minimal floor space.

The water temperature remains hot in ofuro bathtubs. Some of the new models also have air bubbles and a massage function. This makes the ofuro similar to a spa bath. Also, many high-end spas and resorts use this type of soaking tub to cleanse the body and calm the spirit of their guests.

A genuine ofuro bathtub will cost upwards of $20,000, like the Hammacher Schlemmer. You might be able to find some for less. However, these are replicas and will not have all of the features and design that you will get with authentic ofuro bathtubs.