The importance of basic grip in badminton

First ever lesson in badminton. To be able to enjoy badminton, it is absolutely essential to have the correct grip. If you can’t even hold the racket properly, forget about everything else. One example of the most common mistakes made by players is to hold the racket in such a way that the flat side of the frame perpetually faces their opponents.

how to hold the racket

The importance of holding the racket properly cannot be more emphasized because it determines your overall gameplay and ultimately the progress you made in badminton.

A poor racket grip technique will limit the range of your strokes as well as reduce their effectiveness.


2 things you should know about badminton grip


To be able to enjoy night game use LED shuttlecocks for badminton, those who play the game must know how to hold the racket properly. Here are some tips on basic grips and also highlight the common mistakes made by players

  1. Hold the racket by its throat with your left hand. Let the handle point towards you, Shake hands with this. The bottom of your racket should not jut out from your hand. It should rest gently on your palms.


  1. Place your left index finger on top of the handle. The racket should be held a bit loose and this step will help to ensure some space in the “V” groove formed between your thumb and forefinger. Now, place your right hand on the handle to form the “V” groove.


  1. Grip your racket handle with your last three fingers followed by your thumb and forefinger. Spread out your fingers a bit. Do not mix them together. This good help check the tendency to hold the racket too tightly. The thumb must rest between the last three fingers and your index finger.
    BIG NOTES: One of the worst mistakes players can make and also the most common one is to hold the racket with four fingers tips bunched together and the thumb closing tightly on top of the index finger. That’s a sure way of killing your game.